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Water is the natural carrier of orgone energy.

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Charging water with orgone energy using your own orgone generator® such as the AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer is a lot more cost efficient than purchasing ready-made "orgone water" and the like.
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Like organic matter and quartz, water is a natural carrier of life force, or orgone energy.

On the other hand, tap water, distilled water, and water filtered from tap water generally lack the orgone energy that water contains naturally.

Therefore, having become aware of the obvious problems connected with industrially processed water, many scientists have developed methods of vitalizing or re-vitalizing water. For instance, some researchers have developed methods to generate a transfer of natural water information. In principle, with such methods they try to establish structural links to the desired characteristics of water, usually with very little orgone energy available.

Since water is a natural carrier of orgone energy, it is an ideal medium to be a "carrier" of specific characteristics as well.  In fact, Dr. Beneviste, a French nobel price laureate, demonstrated by means of double blind scientific methods that information can be "attached" to water.  This is a characteristic of water that had many applications as widely apart as homeopathy and religious traditions for centuries before Beneviste, even though the persons using such methods typically were not aware of the scientific principles involved.  In this context, think of the "holy water," which has been in use for millennia in many religious belief systems.
One of the easiest methods of revitalizing water is to charge it with orgone energy.  Natural water, of course, carries with it a good measure of life force, or orgone energy, which, as a result of processing and exposure to a myriad of environmental factors gets lost almost completely before it comes through the tap or is sold as bottled and energetically dead "drinking water, oxygenated water, ionized drinking water," and what not.  You can “ionize” water simply by adding a tiny bit of salt and you can "alkalize" it with a tiny bit of baking soda.  In fact, the substance that you add to water with many of the "alkalizing" drop-drippers is nothing but baking soda.
You can get evidence of the benefits of water that is charged with life energy simply by doing so, i.e., by charging it with life energy, by tasting it before and after and by comparing the result with the untreated "controls."  I suggest you use relatively decent water for this purpose rather than tap water.  You can do so with the free transfer test.

In fact, according to personal experience of tens of thousands of users, water that has been treated with life energy, i.e. living water, shows many characteristics that they recognized as being definite and decisive advantages over untreated water:

living water stays longer fresh  Living water stays much longer fresh as a result of significant microbiological changes towards a healthy environment
living water has an excellent taste  It has a taste that's excellent, even addictive
living water feels softer  It feels softer when you reach into it
chi water gives a feeling of wellness  Most people experience feeling of well-being after drinking it
orgone water improves taste of food  It adds a better taste of food and drinks and longer life
orgone water enhances plant growth  It enhances the growth of plants. This is plainly visible as stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers.
chi energized water helps saving laundry powder  It can save laundry powder
living water helps the environment  Being saturated with life energy, it keeps helping the environment even after use
animals love orgone water  It is attractive to animals. Especially cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with life energy.

You can make living water (water that is saturated with life energy) with ease: Simply put a bottle of water of your choice (store bought or filtered) on top of the AO 2000 or any other water optimizing life energy generator and allow it to saturate with life energy. 

Charging water with life energy using your own AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer or the CE 69 Orgone Generator® is a lot more cost efficient than purchasing ready-made "orgone water" and the like.

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